A Roofing Company that Guarantees Workmanship

At Stan's Roofing and Builders we understand that a new roof is a big investment and we also understand that home owners don't take those investments likely - we wouldn't either.  We also couldn't feel worse than when we talk to someone who had a roof replaced less than 10 years ago with another roofing company, and the roof is already leaking!  It's not leaking because the roof shingles, or the flat roof system already wore-out because all the products on the market are built to last for far more than 10 years!

The roof is leaking because the home owner used a roofing company that didn't pay attention to details and cut corners to keep costs down.  We're not saying that roofing is rocket science - it isn't. But as with most trades, the roofing contractor either takes pride in what they do and is confident in their workmanship and their crew, or they fall on the other end of the spectrum - the end where the roofer tries to win the business by submitting the lowest bid, doesn't take into consideration the quality of labor needed to correctly install a top-quality roof, and cut corners on material and labor to make the most profit on the job.

Quality Products. Quality Crew. 10 Year Warranty on Workmanship.

At Stan's Roofing we're not likely to be the lowest bid on all of our jobs because we're going to recommend quality materials and we use a top-quality crew of employees - not subcontractors (read How to Choose a Good Roofer), and our crew refuses to cut corners.  That's why Stan gives a 10 year labor warranty on all the new pitched roofs and flat roofs that he and his crew deliver.  We know that if there are any leaks or unusual wear and tear to your new roof installed by Stan's Roofing and Builders, Inc. it's a result of either:

1) An unusual incident during the roof replacement.

For example a new roofing nail could be inadvertently hitting a nail from the old roof and not providing the maximum adhesion for the shingle - a small oversight that would be repaired at no cost if you were to buy your roof from Stan, or

2) A bizarre manufacturer defect in the roofing shingle or flat roof system.

Because all of Stan's products come with 20, 25, 30 year and sometime lifetime warranties with proper installation, it's unlikely that there will be a problem with the materials.  However, in the case there is a defect, the manufacturer warranty covers the roof replacement.*

When you choose Stan's Roofing and Builders, Inc. for your new pitched roof or flat roof system, you not only get products that are guaranteed to last 20, 25, 30 and 50 years, but you get a roofing company that stands behind their work to such an extent that if there is any dissatisfaction in the workmanship, we'll be back to fix it at no cost!

*It's important to understand that if you use a roofing contractor that uses a 30 year shingle but doesn't install the roofing system correctly, the manufacturer's warranty does NOT cover a new roof because it was the workmanship that resulted in the poor quality, not the product.

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