Lorain Home Owner Recommends Stan's Roofing for New Roofs and Roof Repairs

"Stan and his crew did a great job ! We had a hail storm and many houses had to have their roofs replaced in our development, the week Stan's Roofing did my roof. The temperature was close to 100 degrees, and while other roofers were rushing to do the job in one day Stan said with being this hot and to set properly we should do this in the morning to give you the best quality roof. Fast was not the goal. Quality was the goal - which really made me appreciate his work. I would recommend Stan's Roofing to anyone who wants a quality roof done right!"

Tom Peters in Avon Lake, Ohio

Meet Stan Yourkvitch

We asked Stan to take a picture with some tools of the trade, and he did not disappoint. Although Stan isn't on every roof anymore, he is on every job, and probably 60% of every roof. If it's a ranch, he'll be on it!

Proud of Our Customer Reviews

At Stan's Roofing in Lorain County, we're proud of our five star reviews. Roofing is an interesting trade. With so few barriers to entry, almost any guy with a truck can convince himself he's a roofer. That does not mean he'll give you good quality work or act professional on the job. It doesn't mean he'll follow-up, stay true to his quote or even finish the job. Roofing is an industry plagued with fly-by-night contractors. You know the type - too many DUIs or too rough around the edges. Basically no one else will hire the guy, so he goes to work for himself. That is NOT why Stan the Man is a roofer. Stan will be the first to tell you , he is a Christian man. DOes not drink, and consults with his pastor on most major decisions. He lives by the word of the Lord, the golden rule and general concepts of karma. Regardless of what you call it, Stan treats people with respect and dignity. He's honest with his pricing and does the job he says he will do. He believes if you're good to people, they'll be good back.

It's this philosophy, and his renowned attentiveness to detail, that has built Stan’s roofing business. It's this way of conducting business that has earned Stan's Roofing mostly 5-star reviews. There is that one review where the guy on the highway thinks one of our guys was driving too fast - but not one person has left a complaint about the quality of craftsmanship, the lack of follow-up, mis-quoting or not getting the job done,

40 Years Roofing Experience & Supervision On Each Job

Stan has over 44 years of experience in the building industry and 37 years in roofing, so his personal oversight on each job is the most critical component to ensuring each customer gets the highest quality roofing installation.  For this reason Stan's Roofing typically keeps their coverage to an area Stan can travel to daily in order to supervise all his quality roofing contractor crews at each job site and maintain these high standards.  Currently that area consists of all of Lorain county, parts of Elyria and western Cuyahoga (Bay Village, Westlake, Rocky River, North Olmsted, Olmsted Township and Lakewood).

New Roof Replacement from Hail Damage in Avon Lake, Ohio
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