We had just moved to the Amherst, Ohio area and had water leaking into our foyer. Luckily Stan's name had been referred to us from a handyman we use. Our experience with Stan went very well!  He was on time, explained everything thoroughly and didn't try to sell us on a whole new roof like the previous roofer we went with. Our roof is only 8 years old.  Stan removed siding and installed ice guard under the siding and shingles. He installed new shingles and flashing behind the siding and then reinstalled the siding. He even tightened our gutter that was starting to sag.
We went with Stan's Roofing even though his bid was higher since we knew he wouldn't cut corners with the job. He even referred us to another homeowner with a similar house and similar problem. That homeowner was very pleased with Stan's work. Stan likes to talk but that's just his personality. If you want the problem fixed, Stan is the man!

Julie in Amherst, OH

Roof Repair in Amherst, Ohio