Need Your Flat Roof Repaired or Replaced? 

Whether you need a new flat roof or repairs to the current flat roof, Stan's Roofing & Builders Inc. specializes in residential flat roofs. Many roofers in our area, Lorain and Cuyahoga counties, don't have the same level of experience working with flat roofs and aren't aware of the best materials and quality installation procedures Stan's Roofing specializes in.  When we say "Our Roof Will Be Your Crown," we mean flat roofs as well as pitched roofs!

For our flat roofs we use the IB Roof System with a 100% Lifetime material warranty at no extra cost to the home owner. The IB Roof is a complete roof system, with integrated accessories, that consists of single-ply polyester-reinforced CPA/PVC membrane, that require a hot-air weld which effectively turns separate sheets into one entire membrane, impervious to leaks where seams can come apart - because the seams are not glued or adhered, they are welded.

Eliminate Flat Roof Leaks and Maintenance Hassles

This material is by the far the best material available for a residential flat roof - and out-performs the majority of commercial flat roof systems as well. The flat roof accessories including flashing, vents, drains, roofing membrane and roofing fasteners in an IB Roof System are all covered by the same lifetime warranty so that you can be assured that your flat roof will never be a maintenance hassle.

Working with flat roofs for over 40 years, Stan's Roofing has seen where other flat roofs have given in to areas where water will remain and puddle between storms (called ponding water), where flat roofs have blistered from heat, and where some customers that opted for rubber flat roofs have experienced the roof shrinking and causing leaks around the edges.  The reason we work with our quality suppliers is to make sure you get the best in flat roofs - an easy to maintain, economical and safe flat roof that can reduce your energy costs, and of course - eliminate the need for costly roof repairs.

So whether you're in need of a new and better flat roof for your home, a flat roof repair, or you're building out a flat roof deck, addition or garage that will be designed with a flat roof in mind, contact Stan's Roofing and Builders, Inc. to learn more about the quality, costs and installation of the last flat roof system you will ever need to put on your house. Call us at 440-986-6222 or fill out our contact form for a roofing estimate.

Flat Roof Material Manufacturers:

As with any roofing estimate or roof consultation we're involved with - every home and homeowners' needs are unique. Some home owners have a brand of shingles or flat roof system they are loyal to and they are looking for the best roofing contractor to facilitate an impeccable installation to ensure the manufacturer's warranty withstands any claims (see How to Choose a Good Roofer). In those cases we are one of the best roofers a home owner can choose and we have no problem with using different material and installing it to manufacturer's specifications.

However, in over 90% of the roofing jobs we do the customer is relying on us, the roofing experts, to make the recommendation of what shingle or flat roof system to use. In those cases, for our flat roofs and flat roof repairs we rely on our trusted manufacturers, IB Residential Roofing Systems and TruCo Inc. Protective Coatings. We can happily explain why those products are in our minds, the best in residential flat roof products and materials.

Lorain & Cleveland Roofing Service Area - Local Company

At Stan's Roofing & Builders our service area is a little "fluid." It can sometimes depend on the type of roof or roof repair - which determines the length of the job and if it will make sense to send a crew out. We're based out of Amherst, Ohio, so if you live within a 30 minute drive of Amherst, Ohio you can be guaranteed you're in our "service area" no matter how small the job is.  We're a small, locally owned and operated roofing company with the most respectful and honest people you'll ever have working on your home.  We are frequently in Lorain County with hundreds of happy customers throughout Lorain, Elyria, Amherst, Oberlin, Vermilion, Avon, Avon Lake and N. Ridgeville and Stan belongs to a North Olmsted business group where he frequently connects with home owners in Westlake, Fairview Park, Parma, Rocky River, Columbia Station and Olmsted Falls. If you live in any of these communities, or nearby, call Stan for a free estimate and he can tell you if he'll be able to get out that way. Who knows? He could be in your neighborhood today.

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