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Proper Chimney Flashing Before and After

Many of the roof leaks we repair are caused by improper chimney flashing which is why at Stan's Roofing we offer high quality chimney flashing services. Flashing consists of two metal panels designed to stop moisture at the point where the chimney and roof meet and when not done correctly can be the primary source of water coming in through the roof.  Let our experienced team repair your existing flashing or install a new system to keep your roof from leaking.

Proper Way to Flash a Chimney

Vermilion Roofing CompanyChimneys are one of the main sources of leaks and can easily be spotted by water stained ceilings in the chimney area.  It is one of the most common calls we get, and honestly - our specialty!

The proper way to flash a chimney is to cut at least an inch deep into the mortar of the chimney, installing the flashing into the mortar joints. 

Stan was trained by roofing legends in the Lorain and Cleveland areas - gentlemen who had been roofing for over 50 years, were using lower quality materials because the technology wasn't as good to manufacture today's shingles, and they made up for it with impeccable installation techniques.  

Poor Quality Roofing Techniques

Now that some roof shingles have a lifetime warranty it seems that roofing contractors skimp on the installation techniques to get the job done faster and rely on the higher quality materials.Unfortunately that leads to improper chimney flashing that takes in water and can distribute itself to manifest as an interior leak coming into the house far away from the chimney. 

Roof Leak RepairBecause the proper way to flash a chimney will take some additional equipment and time, most unethical roofers skip this step and cover their poor quality with excessive roofing tar - a substance that not only looks unappealing, but breaks down after a few years of being exposed to the elements.  This is a typical trick that a roofing sub-contractor uses because they know leaks could take years and they don't need to be accountable for their work because they aren't managing a brand or a reputation - they're just getting paid and moving on. In other words, they'll be nowhere to be found in 2 years when the roof is leaking.

Beware of Roofing Subcontractors

We wind up fixing other roofing contractor's work throughout Lorain, Vermillion, Avon, Bay Village, Westlake and the Olmsted area (North Olmsted, Olmsted Township, and Olmsted Falls) because these other roofers in the Cuyahoga and Lorain County areas sub-contract their work - and chimney flashing is one of the first sacrifices they make in terms of quality workmanship. (read How to Choose a Good Roofer to learn more about the dangers of using a roofing company that uses subcontractors).

So if you have a water-stained ceiling in a home you just bought, or you you've looked at your chimney flashing and it doesn't look like it's been installed into the mortar, call Stan's Roofing at 440-986-6222 and we'll be happy to discuss your roof repair and new roof installation options. 


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10 Year Labor Warranty:

Stan includes in each roofing project quote the proper time needed to do the best roof with the quality workmanship according to the manufacturer’s specifications - allowing the homeowner to uphold their warranties (a poor quality installation can actually void a roofing product warranty). Out of over 90 roofers in Lorain County, Stan Yourkvitch was the only roofer invited to be part of the Advisory Council for CertainTeed. He received an award to certify that he is an “Active, Respected Member of the CertainTeed Advisory Council for the Year of 2008.” Because of the confidence Stan has in the quality workmanship his company provides, he gives a 10 year warranty on his workmanship, unlike other roofers in the area only giving 2 years, if any.

Improper Chimney Flashing Causes Most Roof Leaks