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Are you in search of a local roofer for a new roof or roof repair?  One that will quote you a fair price for high quality materials, labor and warranty rather than charge you an arm and a leg for the cheap stuff you could have bought on your own for half the price?  A roofer that gets you a good deal, makes solid recommendations and then stands behind their work with a labor warranty?  Well, then you've come to the right place!  Whether you need a flat roof, a pitched roof, a roof repair or some new skylights, at Stan's Roofing we've been around for 40 years because we take pride in our work and partner with the best suppliers to make sure you're getting the highest quality and best warranty that fits your budget.

How Do I Choose a Good Roofer?

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Stan Yourkvitch "Stan The Man"

We understand that if you don't already know a roofer, vetting out the right roofing company is no easy task.  In most cases, people consider only three things when considering a new roof and forget the missing element:

     1.  Cost: how much will a new roof cost?

     2.  Durability: how long will my roof last?

     3.  Look: how will the new roof look?

The missing and most critical consideration? It’s the roofing contractor. And with so many roofing companies throughout Lorain county and the Greater Cleveland area, how do you know what to look for when picking the best roofing contractor?

I’m Stan Yourkvitch and welcome to my website.  I've been in the building industry for over 40 years and have put this site together to help you make your choice. I encourage you to come inside to learn more about my company, our commitment to this critical trade and the way we treat our customers. As we say with pride, “Our Roof will be your Crown”.


Stan Yourkvitch
President of Stan's Roofing and Builders, Inc.

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